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Top Notes:

  • Orange: Provides a fresh, bright, and slightly sweet citrus opening.
  • Grapefruit: Adds a bitter, tart, and juicy citrus aspect.

Heart Notes:

  • Pepper: Introduces a warm, spicy, and slightly sharp quality.
  • Pelargonium: Contributes a floral, slightly minty, and rosy nuance.

Base Notes:

  • Vetiver: Adds an earthy, grassy, and woody depth, central to the fragrance’s identity.
  • Cedar: Contributes a dry, woody, and slightly smoky aroma.
  • Patchouli: Provides an earthy, sweet, and slightly spicy note.
  • Benzoin: Adds a resinous, sweet, and slightly vanilla-like undertone.


Sillage: Moderate. Nebula projects well without being overpowering, creating a noticeable but subtle presence.

Longevity: Long-lasting. This fragrance can last several hours on the skin, making it suitable for all-day wear.

Occasions: Versatile enough for both casual and formal occasions. Its sophisticated yet approachable scent profile makes it suitable for work, social events, and evening wear.

Season: Best suited for spring, fall, and winter due to its earthy and woody notes. It can also be worn in summer, especially during cooler evenings.

Target Audience: Primarily marketed towards men, but can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates a woody, earthy fragrance.


Bottle Design: The bottle is transparent with a simple, elegant cap.


Nebula perfume is celebrated for its masterful blend of earthy, woody, and citrus notes, creating a sophisticated and timeless scent. The combination of fresh citrus, spicy pepper, and deep vetiver makes it a unique and versatile fragrance, suitable for various occasions and seasons. Designed it to evoke the smell of the earth and the natural world, resulting in a fragrance that is both grounded and elegant.

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