How to Determine Hair Type

Knowing the type of hair is important because you can determine the right style and treatment for your hair. After that you can get the hair style that you want and become more confident day by day. Check out these methods how to determine hair type.

how to determine your hair type
how to determine your hair type

how to determine hair porosity

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Shampoo your hair just like usual and don’t forget to use conditioner too. Then you should rinse your hair cleanly, so there is no shampoo or conditioner left on your hair and scalp. But, don’t wait until your hair is dry to do this step. The porosity is exactly seen if the hair is still humid. Then touch your hair with your hands from the root to the end. Knead your hair softly to know the humidity.

If your hair is in low porosity, your hair is dry because the ability to hold the humidity is low. If the porosity is medium, your hair is not really adhered although it can hold the humidity. If the porosity is high, your hair is really adhered and wet in a long time because it is really humid.

Another way to examine how to determine your hair type is take off 1 sheet of your hair let it flow in a bowl of water. Pay attention to your hair carefully. If the porosity is low, your hair will be floating easily in the water. If the porosity is medium, your hair will be floating but sometimes it is drowning. But if your hair sheet is drowning, the porosity is high.

You can do this way in a different day. The weather is determined the hair condition. If the weather is humid, your hair will be quite humid although the real condition is not. But in a dry weather, the humid hair can be dry too.

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