Simple Pixie Hairstyle Inspiration

Entering the summer and a difficult situation to often go to the salon, having short hair is the most appropriate solution. If a short bob still feels impractical, a pixie haircut is the answer. You will not be bothered by washing your hair too long, drying and styling it. Here are some inspirational pixie cut hairstyles that you can try.

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  • Thick Hair

For thick and straight hair, you can cut your hair in a pixie style to the nape of the neck. The top can be left a little long and the front becomes bangs that keep your face looking feminine.

  • Thin Hair

If you have thin hair and a petite face, this super short pixie cut hairstyle is perfect for you. Trim out the back and sides of the hair with sharp lines so that it makes your appearance so androgynous and edgy.

  • Wide Forehead

If your forehead is quite wide, you can wear random bangs that still look stylish.

  • Curly Hair

For curly hair, leave the top and front of the hair to keep your unique hair texture visible. Use a little hair wax to style it.

  • Frizzy Hair

The pixie cut style is also suitable for those of you who have frizzy hair. Get your hair cut–not too long and not too short. Let some of the texture show.

  • Round Face

This short hairstyle is also suitable for those of you who have a round face, you know. Give a little short bangs to frame your face.

  • Thin Hair Feminine

Even though your style tends to be feminine, you can apply this pixie cut model too. The key, do not cut the back too short and add bangs that sweeten the appearance.

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