8 Korean-style brown hair colors and styles that make you look younger

Korean women’s hairstyles are often the inspiration of many people. In addition to hairstyles, brown hair color can also make the face look youthful and match various types of skin tones. Well, here are some inspirations for Korean-style brown hair colors and styles.

For those of you who like wavy or curly hair, you can choose a lighter brown color like this. This brown hair will give the impression of being more mature.

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Curly hair can also be given a touch of golden brown ombre. At the top, leave the black color, then down the hair color looks lighter.

This brown hair color is known as toffee brown. The color is a bit light brown, with a touch of gold. This hair color is suitable for owners of tan and ivory skin.

It’s a light brown hair color that is perfect for those with ivory skin. This brown color has a touch of orange and gold, which can give a fresh impression on your face.

This is a rich chocolate hair color that gives the impression of hair more glowing. Also suitable for hair with curly models.

Espresso brown is suitable for those of you who want to give volume to your hair to make it look more fluffy. This Korean hair color trend is wearing a slightly blackish brown color.

It’s a light brown hair color, which is also suitable for owners of olive skin tones. This brown color gets a touch of reddish copper gold, giving it an elegant impression.

Well, if you don’t want to take the risk of damaged hair, you can choose chestnut p brown hair like this, which can give you a youthful impression.

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