Kate Middleton’s Hair Color And Style Transformation Over Time

Not only fashion style, Kate Middleton’s hairstyle also often steals attention. Almost every year, he changes his hairstyle and always looks charming. However, long hairstyles have always been Kate Middleton’s favorite choice. Then, what kind of color and hairstyle transformation of Kate Middleton is? Launching from Elle.com, consider the following Kate Middleton hair transformation.

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Here’s her 2004 hairstyle in brown and wavy.

In 2006, Kate had front side bangs with a long layered black brown hair style.

In 2008, Kate had long, light brown hair with curly hair at the bottom.

In 2010, when announcing her engagement to Prince William, Kate opted for long wavy hair with a lustrous brown color.

When married on April 29, 2011, Kate chose the half up half down hair do. She also looked charming with a white tiara and veil as her hair ornament.

In early November 2012, a few days before announcing her first pregnancy, Kate appeared with ‘bounchy’ wavy hair. He also chose to use short bangs with a middle parted look.

While giving birth to Princess Charlotte, her second child, at St. Mary’s, in 2015, Kate appeared with a golden brown color and wavy hairstyle. He also looked charming while holding his daughter.

In 2016, the bounchy and fluffy hairstyle became the hallmark of Kate Middleton’s hairstyle. He still chose a touch of golden brown hair color.

In 2017, Kate cut her hair rather short. Not long after, she announced her third pregnancy.

In 2018, she opted for a lighter brown hair color with a beachy waves hairstyle. Kate also looks fresher.

Not long ago, Kate appeared with a new hairstyle in honey brown or honey brown which is lighter and shiny. She also chose a shoulder-length layer model that was straighter than her usual hairstyle.

Kate Middleton’s latest hairstyle has made rumors circulating that she is pregnant. Moreover, Kate often changes her hairstyle every time she announces her pregnancy.

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