Celebrity Bob Haircuts

The haircut that shocked the world in 1909 by Antoine de Paris in France is Bob. Over a century later and still exist as the hottest hairstyles to have. Bob never die just a little bit transform into long bob that well known as Lob. Lob is a shoulder grazing choppy style or a blunt jaw skimmer and the A list hairstyle. Celebrities make this bob always be popular. They just do a little creation with the bob style, then voila a lot of people in this world will follow them. What happen next? This bob always exist over and over again. Here are the latest celebrities bob haircut that will inspire you.

Dua Lipa’s Bob

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What Dua Lupa did? She swapped her long brunette hair to be the best cool girl bob in a long time. This cool singer just posted into instagram with “Do, Snip Snip” as the caption. Boom, just a minute there are a lot of likes of her photo. Just a simple thing to do for celebrities to make something popular right now, they just post a photo on instagram, then a lot of people in this world follow what they do. Trend can be made easily in a minute without many effort.

Vanessa Hudgen’s Bob

Bobs and bangs are indeed the hottest hair trend in 2018. Vanessa Hudgen also turn her hairstyle to be Chad Wood for her nod to the du du jour. With a balance and center bangs, she looks prettier than before. Cute and loveable are the right words to describe this style.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Sexy Bob

This sexy celebrity debuted a new light brown bob at Rihanna’s Diamond Ball. Em Rata is her famous nickname. This new shorter do was created by A list hairstylist Jennifer Yepez. Em Rata posted a pic of her work on instagram. Wig or no? yes it looks like a wig but that is a real hair. She is so lovely with the sleek 90s vibe.

Emma Robert’s Blonde Bob

Emma Roberts always look epic in every way. A luscious redhead, a classy brunette, or rocking a blonde bob right now are all worth for her. A blonde bob is making a new way for people to think that blonde is not only for long hair. Her short bob is a breakthrough. Do you want to try?

Alison Brie

She is encouraging all women to give up on the mid length and long hair. Just grow out and opt for a bob with any kinds of color. Alison Brie’s tousled bob is a beauty image. If there is someone tell you that you are not okay with short hair, just tell her/him talk to my hand.

Olivia Wilde

A farewell for her long blonde locks. Olivia Wilde come out with her new hairstyle. She is so chic and sexy. All about blunt brunette bob these days is hers. Super straight and blonde hair is her identity now. Are you brave enough to make a breakthrough?


Oh Wow is a right expression for Rihanna. She has a new hairstyle that really make her daylife. Wet look waves in black work in a bob. This is so Rihanna. Chic and sexy!

Olivia Culpo

She was really well known with her brunette locks. She is brave to chop off that image. Olivia Culpo swapped her lob and now here she is with a sleek new bob. She looks so lovely and desireable. One more thing for you, this hair style is fit for any occasion. Just use your formal dress, then you will a star on that event.

Selena Gomez

She is Selena Gomez. The one that never live without sensation. She also transform her hair into a middle length bob. Her straight and dark brown hair really suit to this style. Wig? Nope! It is real, yes she made it real for hair. Are you ready to have it?

Diane Kruger

She really show how ideal tousled beachy bob is. If you want it, just take this style to the hairdresser. Just tell to her or him, you want to recreate Diane’s looe wave using a tong at home. Owh so lovely one!

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