Cute Buns for Long Hair

A long hair is quite hard to take care and manage. In the hot weather or sunny day, this hair need more treatment and some way to make the owner feel comfortable. A girl or a woman with long hair need to tie up or put a hairpin to make them more active in moving or doing any kinds of activities. Not just tie the hair up carelessly, but women needs trick to have a bun. This bun should make the women still pretty not messy.

Bun hairstyles is so popular, women always do it whenever and wherever they are, so this hairstyles never go out of fashion. It is so versatile and can be perked up in a number of ways everyday. Bun looks the best on long hair because it can be modified as women wish depending upon the event, outfit, and makeup. So here are 15 cute buns for long hair to make your day.

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Twisted Topknot Bun

This simple bun look like a super smart chic by twisting your long hair up into a topknot. This bun is really suitable and comfortable for long hair. Your look will be neat, easy, and very comfortable. This simple style is easy to make, so you don’t need to waste much time.

Low Flat Twisted Bun

Oops, this is one of the easiest bun styles for long hair! Just pair your beautiful off shoulder dress with a low twisted bun. Here you go, you are so interested and many attention will go to you. If you have a party, just give it a flat shape and prevent flyaways by applying a good serum. No need much time to do it and you will be gorgeous for sure.

Messy Highlighted Angular Bun

Angular bun can be made by folding the hair in layers one over another. To make it more chic, you can add some zing to the look by choosing subtle highlights and slight puff also a decent tangled finish.

Messy Low Side with Waves

This is a low side chignon bun that really great with almost all sorts of outfits. Making textured waves and sexy side-sweeps will balance off the entire look flawlessly. Just take a look at picture. This is so great for any kind of face shape especially oval and heart shaped face.

High Donut Bun

Do you like donuts? Yes donut is yummy but now we are not talking about food. High donut bun is one of easy bun to make if you have a long hair. This round shape of bun just like donut and you will look yummy too. This bun is so cute and lovely. This bun is really suitable for casual occasion just like hanging out with friends, dating with boyfriend, or just staying home on a sunny day. But it is not really suitable for a formal occasion like office meeting. If you want to try this in the office, it is still okay if you are so confident.

Super High Folded Bun With Short Fringes

If you need a bun for joining a formal event, this style is the answer. This neat and cute style is really awesome especially if you like having fringe. Short fringes or baby bangs are the key of this cute style. Super folded bun is another high bun positioned at the top of the crown (your hair). This can be made by folding the hair multiple times in different layers. The short front fringes can be a foil for the height of the bun as a cute variation. This style is really awesome for oval or heart shaped face. No one will be boring to stare at you.

High Twisted Bun With Puff

If you are waiting for a bun which is suitable for wavy or curly hair, so this is the answer. Combining the elegance of a large high twisted bun with the femininity of loose wavy strands by this high twisted bun is a bless. Don’t forget to spice up your overall look significantly. Adding a nice headband can also be used for accessorizing the hair. Voila here you are the attractive one.

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