Glam And Lux Hairstyles For The BrideMaids

Planning a wedding party is so tricky because there are many things to take into consideration such as the venue, cake, invitations, guest lists, food, and the bridesmaids especially their hairstyles. Choosing the bridesmaid hairstyles should be done after choosing your wedding hairstyle. After you know the theme of wedding party, then you can think about the bridesmaids look. Keep in mind about the bridesmaids’ hair types, personal styles, hair lengths, and level of comfort to ensure their look. Here are our the braidmaids’ hair style ideas.

Low And Sleek Ponytail

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This graceful and romantic look can work on many types of hair. How to create the look? Make a middle part and use hairspray or pomade to slick each side down. Then pull the hair back into a low ponytail. This is a super easy because your bridesmaids can even create themselves. You can also add soft curls to the ponytail. And the last step is tie the hair with a feminine ribbon or add a piece of hardware.

The Low Bun

A slick low bun is a great complement for the wedding party. The bridesmaids will all go together, but they won’t look like the copycats of each other. A classic style but timeless updo hairstyle can be created easily. How to make it? Divide the hair into a middle part or side part, then use hairspray or pomade to slick each side down. Gather the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Take a hair donut and spread the hair evenly around the donut or a perfect bun. The last steo is secure the excess hair underneath with bobby pins.

The Sexy Side Part 

Some ladies prefer wearing their hair down especially if they have beautiful hair. The straight and long hair is perfect to show off. For the bridesmaid hairstyle, use a rattail comb to create an extreme side part in the hair. Getting the sleek effect of this hairstyle by making part the hair at least 2-3 inches down the side. Don’t forget to use hairspray, pomade, or hair gel for more wet look. Then slick the hair down and ensure that the part will hold. Adding soft waves at the bottom for a romantic image or just keep the hair straight for an edgier feel are the best options.

Half Up With Braids

Adding some braids to spice up the wedding hairstyle is a great way. This half up half down bridesmaid hairstyle with fishtail braids wrapped around is so undeniable. This hairstyle for bridesmaids can be made with a 3 strand French braid or a twisted rope braid as well with beautiful results. Adding a jewelled hair piece or some flowers is so fun! The bridesmaids will look picture perfect and the wedding is ready to go. Don’t pas this great option!

Messy Updo

An  updo looks easy and uncomplicated, but do you know that this style can ornate enough for bridesmaids? The key is getting this updo hairstyle for weddings with loose curls, flowing pieces of hair, and a few braids everywhere to keep things interesting. A messy look will make the bridemaids so sexy and chic. How easy it is to recreate this wedding hairstyle! Just make sure that they are a little naughty and playful!

Boho Flower Crown

The crown concept is always be luxurious for the wedding. While the bride is the queen, then the bridemaids are the princess or angels. The flower crown thing is the best solution for the beautiful girls. The bridesmaids are standing around you with gorgeous fresh flowers in the wedding party. So make sure the audience will adore their hairstyles. Who knows one of them can get her true love in your wedding. Flower crowns especially exquisite for boho themed weddings is perfect. Each bridesmaid can wear a crown suited to her own personality.

So, are you ready enough to choose the best hairstyles for the bridemaids? You need to make sure by asking them whether they like your choice or not because if they do not like it, their look won’t be awesome. Make sure that they are ready to be your bridemaids, so they will rock the show!

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